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International Education Internship

Established in 2000, the International Education Internship at the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) provides a unique training ground for new professionals interested in launching a career in the field of International Education. In its inception, the internship was the only such opportunity across Canada, and it has since inspired other internships to develop at a few institutions across the country. The intern is introduced to aspects of international education including inbound and outbound student advising and orientation, program/project design and coordination, volunteer coordination, health insurance in Canada and abroad, implementing health and safety policies and procedures for student mobility, and communications and promotion. The internship also includes an independent study project undertaken by the intern.

Past Interns:

2015 - 2016  Pugaleni Iynkaran

Bio: Coming Soon. 

2014 - 2015  Jennifer Shui Kay Ma

Title of Independent Research Project: Make yourself at home: international students' experiences of place

Bio: I grew up biculturally in the suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the changing demographics there over the years gave me a sense of interculturalism. It wasn't until I moved into another surburb of the GTA, though, that I saw how intercultural differences occurred at an intranational level. I moved to Ottawa to study at a bilingual university and then participated in a Study Year Abroad in Iceland. My studies in sociolinguistics and bilingualism touched upon some intercultural and international education issues: I knew I wanted to pursue this further.

Please tell us what the International Education Internship meant to you and what you found to be the most beneficial component of the internship. It started me thinking about cultures, conflicts and working through educational institutions to act upon these ideas. I found the most beneficial aspect of the internship was the flexibility it provided me with to focus on my own interests, while having enough of a structure to allow me to try new opportunities I would never have considered otherwise.

Previous Interns (2000-2001 to 2013-2014)